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The McNulty Counseling Team Specializes in helping children excel in academics.

There has been a 42% increase in children diagnosed with ADHD from 2003 – 2011. Now 11% of children in the US have been diagnosed with ADHD. Does your child fall into this category? Did your child under-achieve last school year? Did they receive poor behavioral marks on their report card? Do they seem unmotivated and disinterested in school? Is your student at-risk from repeating a grade? Are they suffering from depression or anxiety due to feelings of inadequacy from their performance in school? Low test scores? How much is the school setting detracting from your student’s learning and success?

We’ve learned that by shifting the learning environment from a school to a one-on-one, self-paced, and nurturing setting, we’ve seen student success drastically increase in comprehension and retention. At McNulty Counseling and Wellness we see this far too often so we created a tutoring program which focuses on a complete shift in your student’s learning environment and the results have been amazing. Our tutoring focuses on:

  • Personally tailored education plan for your student
  • A nurturing, encouraging environment, free of distractions
  • Individualized attention to your student’s specific learning style
  • create a realistic picture for long-term recovery
  • Assignments to strengthen retention while also preparing them for next year
  • Concise, targeted learning plans to improve deficits while boosting child performance in areas of strength
  • Help build confidence on areas of weakness
  • Improve focus and increase interest in areas through an enjoyable learning environment
  • Increase retention from last year’s academics and decrease skill deterioration
  • Fleixble tutoring to meet your demanding schedule
  • Boost self-condience and erase poor academic self-esteem

Parents come to us every summer after report cards come home and feel completely helpless because they see the potential in which their students are capable. Not only do poor report cards have an emotional toll on the parents but the children we see suffering from self-esteem issues is plentiful.

Our tutoring plan focuses on concise plans to ensure your student works together with our licensed teacher so that they can continues their learning in a healthy way while also getting to enjoy their summer break. Research shows that summer break was detrimental for both math and reading skills, and that the amount of deterioration increased with grade-level. 2.6 months of academic progress is lost in reading, writing, and math throughout the duration of the Summer. McNulty Counseling and Wellness is happy to have Elizabeth Palozzi as our head tutor. She is currently a second grade teacher and has previously taught with primary (k-2nd) and intermediate (3rd – 6th) grade levels. She is both ESOL certified and ESE trained in Florida. In your initial consultation you can expect to sit down with Elizabeth to discuss your child’s strengths and weaknesses to identify your desired results. She’ll offer clarity and guidance to come up with measurable results catered specifically to your student’s needs.

1I’ve never talked to anyone. I’m used to handling things on my own. Aren’t people who go to therapy weak?
Not at all. People who ask for help know when they need it and have the ability to reach out. Everyone needs help now and then. You already have some strengths that you’ve used before, that for whatever reason isn’t working right now. Perhaps this problem feels overwhelming and is making it difficult to access your past strengths. In our work together, I’ll help you identify what those strengths are and how to implement them again in what is happening now.
2What’s the difference between talking to you or my best friend or family?
A Licensed Mental Health Counselor has the training and qualifications that are equipped to handle a multitude of problems. They can help you approach your situation in a new way– teach you new skills, gain different perspectives, listen to you without judgment or expectations, and help you listen to yourself. Furthermore, therapy is completely confidential. You won’t have to worry about others “knowing my business.” Lastly, if your situation provokes a great deal of negative emotion, if you’ve been confiding in a friend or family member, there is the risk that once you are feeling better you could start avoiding that person so you aren’t reminded of this difficult time in your life.
3Why shouldn’t I just take medication?
Medication alone cannot solve all issues. What medication does is treat the symptoms. Our work together is designed to explore the root of the issue, dig deep into your behavior and teach strategies that can help you accomplish your personal and/or relational goals. Sometimes medication makes it more difficult to realize the underlying problems so if getting off of medication is something you’re interested in, I would be glad to help you in your journey.
4How does it work? What do I have to do in sessions?
Because each person has different issues and goals for therapy, therapy will be different depending on the individual. I tailor my therapeutic approach to your specific needs.
5How long will it take?
Unfortunately, this is not possible to say in a general FAQs page. Everyone’s circumstances are unique to them and the length of time therapy can take to allow you to accomplish your goals depends on your desire for personal development, your commitment, and the factors that are driving you to seek therapy in the first place.
6I want to get the most out of therapy. What can I do to help?
I am so glad you are dedicated to getting the most out of your sessions. Your active participation and dedication is crucial to your success. After all, we only see each other for a session a week depending on where you are in treatment. It’s the work you do outside of our sessions that will really help you see your personal growth and development.
7My partner and I are having problems. Should we be in individual counseling or come together?
If you are concerned about your relationship, and you would both like to work with me, I would initially work with both of you together. After this work, if one of you would like to continue in individual sessions, I could work with only one of you. It is not helpful to move from individual into couple’s work with the same therapist because of potential trust issues.

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